Browning Product Lines

Browning creates a one-stop shop for all of your hunting and outdoor needs. The company was originally founded by John Browning and was started to market his non-military designs. Today, almost all of his designs are manufactured by other companies including Colt, Winchester, Remington and more.

Browning's Firearms

Originally, Browning's inventory only consisted of two guns. These were the Superposed and the Automatic-5. Now, in 2008, there are almost 300 types of shotguns to choose from an almost 350 models of rifles from which to select! In addition, there are close to 30 different pistols and many variations and styles. Here is a run-down of some of their firearms and other products.

Browning Shotguns

Browning has a huge array of shotguns for every purpose and budget. Their Cynergy line has 13 new models for 2008. The Browning Citori and BT-99 shotguns perform beyond comparison. The Browning Silver autoloading shotgun has an active valve system. There is a new Silver Micro model for 2008, a new Silver Sporting Micro and three new Silver Rifled Deer models. For a pump shotgun, nothing compares to the Browning BPS. It has double-slide bards, bottom ejection, top-tang safety and a machined steel receiver.

Browning Rifles

You can enjoy the Browning T-Bolt 22 with its T-bolt design and the Double Helix magazine which holds 10 rounds. The Browning BAR is an autoloading rifle. It is lightweight and includes a high-strength alloy receiver, a trigger guard, a hammer-forged barrel and an outstanding seven-lug rotary bolt system. In 2008, you'll find four hot new models of the Browning X-Bolt. They have added safety features with the new bolt unlock button and include new styling features. It has a smaller and sleeker look than previous models.

Custom Shop

Browning has a custom shop in Herstal, Belgium that does incredible engraving work on receivers and hand-cut fine-line checkering on their walnut stock. You can create a rifle or shotgun that is uniquely yours with their expert services.

Other Products

In addition to their vast selection of firearms, Browning has a huge inventory of other products. They have shooting accessories, gun safes and gun cases to accompany their firearms. They also sell an extensive line of outdoor clothing, casual sportswear, footwear and hosiery. In addition, they have outdoor health and safety products, outdoor cooking products and off road equipment. They also have fishing, camping and archery equipment for those of you who enjoy other sports, along with hunting supplies. You'll find virtually anything that you can dream of for outdoor enjoyment with the Browning line!