Taurus Product Overview

From their humble beginnings in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1941, Taurus is, today, a major manufacturer of high quality firearms. They have spent decades perfecting their trade and ensuring that each firearm is dependable, accurate and affordable.

Taurus Pistols

Taurus understands that the accuracy of your pistol is vital. Their products have 100% reliability and accuracy. They recently introduced the 24/7 OSS pistol, intended to be a high quality service pistol for your most urgent needs. Their Taurus 92 is modeled after the firearm that is used by the armed forces. They are innovative in their use of polymer-frame handgun designs. They also have pistols with manual safety features and security systems. Finally, they have an entire line of small frame pistols to allow you to conceal your weapon in the line of duty and to guarantee reliability and easy usage.

Taurus Revolvers

For over seven decades, Taurus revolvers have consistently been seen as the best in the industry. They have features such as the yoke detent, full length ejector rod and a state of the art security system. They have a famous series in the Taurus Raging Bull hunting handgun line. Recently, Taurus took their revolvers one step further with the Taurus Total Titanium line. These revolvers are lightweight full-power handguns that offer the best you'll find in the field.

Taurus Rifles

The Taurus family of long guns is based on John Browning's designs. Taurus has taken this classic design and added their own additions to create a perfect replica. While their rifles look and feel like the originals from long ago, they offer present day reliability and safety. Their long guns use the best hardwoods for stocks that are all custom fit to each individual gun.

Taurus Copper Bullets

Taurus has handgun cartridges that carry a copper projectile. This ammunition includes a deep-well hollow point bullet cast from almost 100% pure copper. The hollow point is engineered to create maximum impact energy with also continuing high aerodynamic qualities. The pure copper ensures that there is no fouling. These Taurus Copper Bullet Premium Handgun Cartridges meet SAAMI standards.

Taurus Unlimited Lifetime Repair Policy

In addition to their outstanding products, Taurus offers outstanding policies. Their repair policy is for the lifetime of the gun, no matter who the owner may be. They are the first and only company in the industry to offer such an all-inclusive repair policy, reflecting their confidence in their product line. This means that all repairs will be done free of charge on your firearm by Taurus, for the lifetime of the gun. This policy is good for all Taurus firearms that are imported or manufactured by Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc. It does not include grips, sights, accessories, cosmetic defects after one year or damage from customer abuse.