NetStar Scope Offerings - the ART Sniper Scopes

NetStar offers a number of different scope options. Founded in 1996, this small business has a large scope when it comes to company offerings. They have a huge range of expertise in communications, defense and other areas. They offer everything from communication products and aviation services to weaponry and information technology.

NetStar's Scope Offerings

Their scope offerings at NetStar Technologies include computerized ART Sniper Scopes, Holographic Rifle Scopes and Mounting Systems. The Leatherwood ART Camputer sniper scopes are truly some of the best on the market today. NetStar Technologies is proud to offer the compete line of Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics precision scopes and mounting systems.

More about Leatherwood Camputer ART Sniper Scopes

These sniper scopes were developed during the Vietnam War by Jim Leatherwood. ART stands for Automatic Ranging and Trajectory, and the ART scopes make it much easier for the military to train qualified long-range snipers. These scopes make it unnecessary to estimate range. They include a read "through the lens" ranging system and have a fully adjustable external Camputer cam system. With these items in place, the shooter will know the precise spot to shoot far beyond what they could have accurately shot with regular telescope sights or with open sights.

ART M-1000 Camputer Tactical Sniper Scope

This scope is a truly advanced sighting system. This scope was originally invented and designed by Jim Leatherwood for military snipers in Vietnam during the 1960s. Now, it has interchangeable modular cams that make it easy to precisely calibrate the system for almost any rifle cartridge from .223 to .50 BMG. The shooter can also easily switch cams in less than a minute. In addition, it features multi-dial rings that allow you to pre-program the scope for as many as four different zeros or multiple guns. In has a new mount with built-in windage adjustments and a no-math mil dot reticle for easier ranging.

ART M-1200 Camputer Tatical Sniper Scope

40 years later, this is still the only scope that automatically computes the bullet trajectory when the target is in range, so that the shooter only needs to aim directly on the target. This scope offers auto-ranging capabilities for ranges from 300-1200 meters. It also has a shorter range setting, if necessary of 200 meters. The zoom power is 6x to 24x with a 50mm and the reticle includes an easy-to-use no-math mil dot configuration.

When purchasing a scope, you certainly want one from a company you can trust, with a history you can trust. NetStar Technologies is proud to feature the ART Sniper Scopes and to offer it to its customers as one of the best scopes on the market today.