The Zeiss Rifle Scopes

For over 150 years, the Zeiss family has been making optics for consumers around the world.  Originally started in Germany, Zeiss provides binoculars, rifle scopes, cameras, planetariums, medical solutions and more to an international market.

The Zeiss Rifle Scope

Zeiss understands that the average leisure consumer wants equipment that will enhance his outdoor experience.  They provide hunters with three families of rifle scopes, creating great choices and variety for the novice hunter and the experienced one.

The Victory Series

They offer a few different rifle scopes that are named The Victorys.  These rifle scopes include state-of-the-art optics for hunters and shooters with experience.  These rifle scopes include enhanced contrast, large fields of view, long eye relief, a lightweight body and a seal against moisture and dust.  These tools are particularly useful when making long range shots at unknown distances.  The Victory Diarange 3-12x56 T is a new scope that offers a precise range to the target with a simple push of a button.  It is incredibly easy to use, making it possible to react quickly when the opportunity to shoot arises.  The Victory Diarange 2.5-10x50 was new for 2007.  This scope is even smaller, lighter and lower for the hunter who doesn't need a 56mm objective but still wants great range finding and optical performance.

The Conquest Series

The Conquest series is an excellent value for all of the features that it offers.  It is completely multi-coated with Zeiss MC coating and has a durable tube body made from one piece.  It includes a wide field of view, a wide adjustment range, and is waterproof and dust proof.  It comes in either an anodized black or stainless surface finish.  In addition to other features, it has a lifetime transferable warranty.

Law Enforcement Rifle Scopes

Interestingly, in addition to catering to the outdoor and hunting markets, Zeiss products are also offered for law enforcement officials.  They carry a special line of rifle scopes tailored to the needs of law enforcement.  These scopes are lightweight considering their size, bright, waterproof, and able to easily handle the recoil of heavy tactical rifles. As a leading provider of optical equipment for over 150 years, Zeiss clearly leads the market in their field.  No matter what your needs, Zeiss has the optical equipment to help you to enjoy your leisure time and to use your time more productively.  Their rifle scopes are top-of-the-line, offering all of the features you need for a satisfying hunting experience.