Peloi Riflescopes

Peloi is a company that comes from New Zealand and that strives to make fantastic riflescopes for sports enthusiasts and experienced hunters. Their riflescopes are gaining in popularity and have been introduced in Australia, America and other locations. Here are a few of the reasons that Peloi riflescopes are taking the hunting community by storm.

High Standards

Peloi is dedicated to the highest standards with all of their products. They used only the best materials for each scope and they make sure that each scope is individually tested to meet their standard of excellence before being sent into the market. Each scope is crafted from machined military specification alloy tubing and is finished in a resilient matt finish. This ensures that each scope has high strength and resistance to the elements that shooters find themselves in.

Resistance to Recoil Shock

Peloi scopes are made with a strong modular design of the reticle house. This makes sure that there is little to no recoil shock that would hurt the hunter's eye after shooting. They also have adjustable illumination systems on each of the scopes, creating high target definition under any condition.

Waterproof and Fogproof

Peloi riflescopes can go anywhere that you can. They have an intricate system of seals which make sure that each scope is completely waterproof and fogproof. This ensures that you can use your scope in any conditions and know that it will continue working to its optimal capacity - no matter whether it's sunny, rainy or foggy on the hunt.

No Middle Man

Peloi doesn't employ middlemen. They sell directly to hunters and target shooters, ensuring that you receive a fair price. They don't have to jack up their prices to provide the salaries for the middlemen. These riflescopes are not available in any shop - but are only available directly to the purchaser.

Great Light Transmission

Peloi has a Schott modeled optics system that uses the best technology in lens design and coating. This ensures that the light transmission is the best it can be under any conditions for you to take the perfect shot.

Standard Features

Peloi includes certain items as standard features that not all other companies will include as part of their package. When you receive your Peloi riflescope, it will come with lens protectors, mounts, a spare battery, and free mounts. This means that you're ready to go as soon as you get your riflescope in your hand, and you don't have hidden costs that you need to spend more on to enjoy your riflescope.

Enjoy a high quality scope today with the Peloi advantage!